This year the festive New Year’s Eve, the fireworks, the plans 5 evenings in one night must be completely forgotten !

The covid 19 health crisis has decided to nibble our year 2020 until the last day. After Christmas Eve it is the turn of New Year’s Eve to comply with strict sanitary measures.

First of all, the curfew remains in place unlike Christmas Eve. Coming and going will therefore be impossible and beware of latecomers, moreover to make sure you are on time or get back safely, contact Ride Services for your trips to Paris and its surroundings because punctuality is our watchword. .

Gatherings of more than 6 people are strictly prohibited, above all, do not go out without a certificate at the risk of taking a very fine fine and start 2021 by paying out of your pocket.

Of course, now social distancing is pretty much automatic, you’re used to it. Just like wearing a mask and cleaning your hands regularly.

The state relies heavily on the great responsibility of the French and compliance barriers gestures to avoid a 3 rd wave after the festive period. Nobody wants a 3 rd confinement we agree !

Some ideas for a responsible New Year’s Eve :

A Cocooning dinner at home :

What could be better than ending the year with your loved one, a sumptuous dinner and a tête-à-tête to remember the smallest moments of happiness of this sad year.

Without exposing yourself or taking any risks, you will undoubtedly have a wonderful New Year’s Eve.

A game night :

Ideal if you have children, or 3 or 4 friends to spend a pleasant moment of laughter and sharing in the warmth after a delicious meal. Isn’t that the real depth of the holidays ? This trying year has taught us to focus on quality moments over quantity.

A New Year’s Eve in concert… online!

This is the new phenomenon in vogue now, if you are looking for an atypical New Year’s Eve and you want to party this option is for you. Reserve your slots and dance the night away in front of a live streaming concert.

The year 2020 has shaken all of us, but let’s end it in style because the best is yet to come.

Happy New Year 2021 !