Who is your ideal client?

To work with the client of your dreams, you must obviously get to know him better and from there concoct a service tailored to his needs.

To find this ideal customer, Ride Services draws up his persona by checking the following boxes :


  • His age ?
  • What is his income?
  • Will he be able to pay for your service offer?
  • Where can you meet him?
  • What are its needs in terms of transport?
  • What socio-professional category does he belong to?
  • Is he a man or a woman?
  • What are the center ‘s interest?
  • What are their requirements ?
  • What are his most frequent trips (Airports, stations)
  • What is its geographical area (example : Aubervilliers, La Courneuve, Saint Denis, Montreuil)

What is the added value of your service or the problem it solves ?

For a new business to be lucrative , it must imperatively respond to a specific problem for a given niche .

Let me explain to you, the case of transport for women, for example, is a real innovation which addressed a major problem. Between the insecurity and the fear of being transported alone under certain conditions and the recent rape scandal at the leader of the VTC, this service was an almost immediate success.


Let us also take the example of tourists, they are often wary of passenger transport because they do not necessarily know Paris and the prices that are charged there, so to attract as many foreign customers as possible and encourage them to trust you, you must try to put this point forward.

Now it’s up to you to make the difference !

Why you and not someone else ? This question should always stay in the back of your mind. Provide impeccable service, unfailing professionalism while highlighting the advantages that the customer will have in choosing you.

Make your customers come first and they will rule out the competition on their own.

Don’t thank me, it’s free !